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Κινητές ΜονάδεςIn 1973, the Koraes Library put forth the idea to launch a bookmobile initiative in order to increase book access to segments of the population unable visit a library. This service is particularly important to students, elderly people and persons with reduced mobility and other disabilities. It is also beneficial to low income families who, otherwise, would not have the chance to discover the wonderful world of books.

Koraes Central Public Library of Chios currently possesses two buses. The first one travels to the island’s most remote areas and meets the reading and information needs of the elders.

The second bus was acquired through the Third Community Support Framework for Greece and the Second Operational Programme “Education and Basic Vocational Training” of the Greek Ministry of Education under a targeted action aimed at “supporting educational practice and bookmobiles”. Koraes Library second bookmobile became operational in 1999.

Our bookmobile travels around the island visiting primary schools, middle schools as well as high schools. The books packed in our car are carefully catalogued and chosen so that they can be lent to our young visitors. The bookmobile personnel also train students in the local community to search for information. The aim is to bring students into the information society. Since 2008, the bookmobile is permanently located at L. Porfyra Street.

Expected results:

  • Address library shortages in remote areas
  • Eliminate inequalities within the educational system, especially between big cities and remote areas
  • Support the educational process and assist the educators in implementing the Ministry’s detailed educational programme
  • Acquaint students with basic library service, the information technology and various ways to access knowledge
  • Instruct students how to get to the information they need through various resources
  • Ensure indirect access to the island’s public library to remote areas
  • Serve users beyond the student community



Κινητές ΜονάδεςExpected results:

  • Expand the creation of more school libraries by making sure that ethe use of libraries by the general population
  • Familiarize users with new technologies
  • Introduce public library services to local communities as well as school communities
  • Increase the value and use of material and services offered at the Central Public Library of Chios
  • Connect school communities with their local communities, the local authorities and grass-root organizations
  • Connect school communities with national and international information centres



Direct benefits:

Teachers and students are the ones who can benefit directly from our bookmobile services. Our bus is crisscrossing the countryside to provide primary and secondary schools with the help they need to promote the country’s educational programme

Κινητές ΜονάδεςΚινητές ΜονάδεςΚινητές Μονάδες