Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Board of Trustees 


Merousis Contantine, Greek language teacher of Secondary Education, Deputy Headteacher of 3rd Junior High School in Chios

Vice President:

Vournous Emmanuel, architect, former Mayor of Chios


Manara - Stathi Mary, retired teacher of primary education

Belegris George, Insurer, former vice mayor of Chios


Manitsoudi Eleftheria, Librarian, civil servant of Homer's culture centre at the Library Department


Kleisas Ilias, Teacher, city councelor


Stavrinoudis Stavros, Teacher, Deputy Headteacher of 2nd Senior Highschool in Chios, elective in Northern Aegean Educational Board 


Kogioulis John, Greek language teacher  


Pavlidakis George, Actor, Director 

  Zachari Marianthi, Greek language retired language 


Based on the Board of Directors Governance, all members have to be present at the meetings, when they are called by the Chair.




Chief Officer:

 Anna Chaziri  (Librarian, Archives)

  Maria Vastianou, Librarian
Despoina Kalagia, Librarian
Constantine Zafeiris, Historian
Evangelia Steirou, Janitor