Sunday, July 25, 2021


Board of Trustees 


Christos Belles, Academic and author

Vice President:

Evangelos Mennis, Dr Maritime Systems Sustainability


Irene Nikolaki-Kalamari, Author


Ioannis Tzikas, Instructor of Physical Education; President of Chios’ Parents Association


Avgoustos Pipidis, Lawyer  


Helen Kaviri, Private Sector Employee (substitute member) 


Konstantinos Stamoulis, Public Sector Employee (substitute member) 


Ioannis Zographos, former primer school principal (substitute member)

  Ariadni Mendonidi, Architect (substitute member) 

Based on the Board of Directors Governance, all members have to be present at the meetings, when they are called by the Chair.



Chief Officer:

 Anastasios Sarris, Historian, librarian (Post-secondary education)

  Maria Vastianou, Librarian, musician (Technical education)
Argyro Georgaroudi, Librarian (Technical education)
Despoina Kalagia, Librarian (Technical education)
Ioannis Kolakis, Historian (Post-secondary education)
Anna Haziri, Librarian, archives (Post-secondary education)
Aristea Koufopanteli, Secretary (Secondary education)
Μaria Monioudi, Driver, bookmobile bus and more (Secondary education)
Evangelia Steirou, Janitor