Tuesday, July 23, 2024

  Book collections    
Συλλογές Βιβλίων Our library is a repository for precious collections of some of Chios’ most eminent personalities. These collections are even more valuable if one takes into consideration the circumstances under which they were put together and the sacrifices that had to be made to compile the books. Our collections cover a wide range of scientific fields, which reflect the intellectual preferences of their owners. Some of the books in the collection are rare editions that date back to the early years of publishing. Some others are luxurious editions with unique bindings.
  Autres collections    
Άλλεσς Συλλογές

Visitors can also find an interesting collection of:

  • Manuscripts
  • Old and rare editions
  • Newspapers, magazines and journals
  • Mementos, precious items, medals and coins.
  • Sea shells
  • Paintings depicting historical events and topographical maps