Tuesday, July 23, 2024


Library Access

All users:

  • May enter the library’s reading room upon authorization from the librarians.
  • Must declare all personal belongings, such as books, folders, backpacks, purses, etc.
  • Must fill out a form listing the books and other items they wish to consult.
  • Must ask for assistance from the front desk personnel to search the book catalogue.
  • May consult up to three (3) books at a time. Additional books may be accessed only when all previously used material is returned. All books must be returned to the front desk at the end of opening hours.
  • Must inform the front desk of the books they would like to use for research at a later date.
  • Must request special permission from the Director to consult manuscripts, albums, rare books and archives. Visitors must previously declare that this material will be accessed for research purposes only.

Photocopy books and other material

  1. Books that are 50 years old or less may be photocopied. However, there are restrictions on the number of photocopies that may be made, and there may be a prohibition from copying a book altogether. Photocopyinganentirebook is not permitted. For books that are more than 50 years old, special permission must be obtained from the Director of the library.
  2. Photocopying manuscripts, codes, maps, newspaper clippings or pages, archives, albums and other material of historical value is prohibited in order to avoid their destruction or deterioration. This material may be reproduced with the help of a digital camera. In this case, users must submit a written request to the Director for approval.
  3. Photocopying any text which does not belong to the library is prohibited.
  4. Users are required to pay for the cost of the photocopies. The amount due is payable to the librarian.   


  • are not allowed in the book stack area
  • are kindly requested to maintain a calm, clean and quiet environment
  • are not allowed to smoke in the library
  • cannot exchange books or any other material with other users
  • should be aware that theft, misappropriation, replacement, destruction of books and/or manuscripts fall within the provisions of criminal law.