Wednesday, May 29, 2024

This room hosts paintings and portraits of some of Chios’ most prominent families. Most of these portraits are as old as the persons they depict.

These portraits showcase Jenny Skylitsi (1853), Alexandra Mavrokordatou-Skylitsi (1872), Ambrosios Argenti, son of Leonis Argenti (1861), Viera Argenti (1861), Julia Ralli-Argenti (1890), Maria-Julia Argenti (1877) and Pantelys Argenti (1879). There is also a marble bust of Marouko Argenti and bronze busts of Philip P. Argenti and his children (namely Phany, Georgina, Pantelys).

The visitor can discover an interesting case containing medals, coins and small plates, which belonged to the Argenti family. Among the coins, there are rare commemorative issuances dedicated to some of Venice’s dignitaries (Dons): These rare coins narrate the Dons’ exploits against the pirates near Chios (1646-1647), the occupation of Chios and its archipelago and the naval battle of Ceşme (1770). In a second case, there are some of Philip Argenti’s personal items, such as a sword of the Diplomatic corps, a lace originating from Belgium used for children’s christening (1815), miniatures in porcelain frames and an ivory bound Bible.     

Finally, the collection comprises miniatures and two ivory busts of the Argenti family, a marble bust of Maria-Julia Argenti (1876) and a bronze bust of Mihalis Mavrokordatos.